Saturday, 6 November 2021

Paws for thought

Here is a pic of Kitty's crossed front paws as she relaxes after her walk...
Why? Only because I came across a photo-challenge and, being a techno-wally, am unable to post my b&w pic of the day...

Thursday, 4 November 2021

A poetry challenge... limber up and get me moving again!
The challenge, to take a hitherto unknown poem, use a few phrases, thoughts or ideas to write my own...

Here is Seamus Heaney:

STERN - in memory of Ted Hughes

‘And what was it like,’ I asked him,
‘Meeting Eliot?’
                     ‘When he looked at you,’
He said, ‘it was like standing on a quay
Watching the prow of the Queen Mary
Come towards you, very slowly.’
                     Now it seems
I’m standing on a pierhead watching him
All the while watching me as he rows out
And a wooden end-stopped stern
Labours and shimmers and dips,
Making no real headway.

And a quick version of my own:

SCAFFOLD - I met JA who had met JG

I  "so how was she?"
asked you, and you said
"like a monument, a monolith,
a cathedral shivered
when she spoke..."

And now it seems
I'm watching you afar,
undaunted build your own,
a rickety wooden fragile
church of dreams

Saturday, 30 October 2021

Kendal mint cake... a source of amusement was losing its edge by the time the carpark and our car with its unmistakable roof box finally hove into view. To be fair we had been on a longer than usual walk...

We had set off at about the usual time, soon after 12, and I had remarked that I wasn't yet sure of the layout of paths in Pwll Crwn - to which you had replied (presciently) 'just how lost could one get in such a small wood!?'

We had tramped through mud and more mud with our five-dog pack and got ourselves thoroughly lost - you were tiring, I was tiring , the dogs were tiring - but, as I say, the carpark, and the end, was in sight...
I reached for the car keys in my bag. Which were not in the usual zipped pocket. Or any of the other pockets. Or in my cagoule pockets. Or my waterproof trouser pockets. Or my fleece pockets...
We reached the car, turned out all the pockets, searched the immediate vicinity and then took stock of our situation...

We were several miles from home, tired, muddy and hungry, with no food or water. On the plus side it was no longer raining...

I called A. who was actually not far away, biking with a friend and, in the time it took him to come riding to the rescue, I 'retraced our steps' (bearing in mind we had walked in circles like Pooh and Piglet and the trap for heffalumps)...

So A. arrived, and said friend cycled on to his house, brought back the car, took A. to our house to collect spare car keys and the bike roof-rack and returned him to the carpark. We could finally get you and the bewildered dogs home! 

In the meantime I had continued to look for the keys in the immediate area. A young man with a dog and an adorable child in yellow wellies had pulled in to walk - 'We are being rescued, but will you look out for our keys on your walk?'
'Of course, give me your number, in case we should find them. Come along Jacob, let's look for the nice lady's keys as we go!'

We piled all the dogs into the car, put the bike on top and drove to your house - fortunately you had your house key, you don't always bring it - or we would have been in deep shit (my spare was with the car-keys).
Kettle on, tea made, and I checked my phone for the time - a text message from the gorgeous young man, who was in the car park WITH THE KEYS!
So A. hopped back into the car and went to collect them...

You admitted you had to go to Morries for a prescription and catfood - Marley-boots was actually sitting on the table eyeing us balefully.
So we set off for Morries, cue more shenanigans in the carpark there...
We got home eventually around 5pm.

Reflecting on the adventure, it could have been SO much worse - it could have been pouring with rain. A. might not have heard the phone ring, or been reasonably near. Or might have shouted (he doesn't). You might not have had your house-key. Friend's car might not have been available. Or I might not have had toast that morning, because I was going visiting first and lunch was going to be 'a bit late'.

Or as Grandfather would say 'What if Peter hadn't caught the wolf? What then, eh!?'

Thursday, 23 September 2021

daft haiku

Perhaps if I get this down, it will stop rattling around my mind!

Hats and gloves and socks -
soon be time to change the clocks...
autumn equinox!

Wednesday, 22 September 2021

autumn haiku

Overhead the birds
sensing the restless winds, know
that it's time to go

Monday, 20 September 2021

The Right to Roam?

From the Guardian, an extract which amused me ... 

"It's a diabolical liberty" Peter Glossop said, as he walked his labradors, Purdy and Bumble in the park

And my, tongue-in-cheek, version, in haiku...

'Purdy and Bumble,
diabolically free,
exercising their rights'

Sunday, 19 September 2021


Yesterday I went to a Yoga and Writing afternoon, which necessitated Leaving the County - just.
It was nice to meet a couple of new people and do some fairly gentle somatic exploration. And some wild-writing exercises ...
At the end of which we turned some of our phrases into a random sort of poem, loosely based on the structure of a 15C Malaysian form, called a Pantoum.
Except mine wasn't, of course. Because I had, by accident, already started to make a poem of my phrases...
Which was CHEATING.

But here is the result, anyway:

Autumn Leaves

So shall I die
thus upon the earth
will I lie
soft under a blanket

Thus upon the earth
will they play good music
soft under a blanket
red and green and gold

Will they play good music
back to the earth and sky and sea
red and green and gold
send me dancing on my way

Back to the earth and sky and sea
and shall I lie
send me dancing on my way
so shall I die