Friday, 23 January 2015

Cold January morning

Leaving the house, I start to stamp my way up the hill. The cacophony of my thoughts begins to still as I become aware of the sounds around me... the shrubs are alive with the local garden birds, making the best of the daylight hours  - robins, sparrows, finches, tits... squabbling and chirruping. The stream is gurgling in the valley and making my way up the road, I become aware of the taller trees and the bigger birds among the susserance of the leaves and twigs - 'corvids' I'm learning to call them; if I name them - crows, rooks, ravens - someone will put me right...

I'm aware of my breathing, the rhythm of my warming joints and muscles, my place in the universe . We stop to greet the donkeys and goats in the field. As I reach the top of the hill, the inblowing wind catches me and a kite is overhead. Inland today the mountains are hidden, but turning the corner I can see down the bay and across the valley

Thursday, 15 January 2015

The Hours

The tall clock
ticks away the seconds,
marks the minutes
and erratically
strikes the hours

up and down the stairs
even the radios refuse
to agree about the 'pips'


across the house
the ticktock-less timekeepers
and make a mockery of time

we smile around each other
in the kitchen

Monday, 12 January 2015


I have a history of finding long-lost items, from an earring in a gutter, which had been missing for six months or more to my hillwalking stick, which has been lost and found three times (so far) in the last year..
I lose gloves (mobile, glasses...) on a regular basis, so it was nothing unusual yesterday to be setting out with two left-hand gloves - a grey one on my left hand and a brown one,upsidedown, on my right.
Imagine my glee then when I spied a grey twin on the track over the hill 'Yay, must have dropped it a couple of weeks ago!'
But no, it turned out to be another left hand... Ho hum, someone out there -

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Winter Dusk

Streets of silver
and headlights in the mist,
We, like the starlings,
flying in to roost

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Morning walk above home

The bluest sea
and sky today
and slate washed silver-
clean by last night's
silken strands of rain