Sunday, 31 July 2016

100 words July 1966

July afternoon 1966

I was at girl-guide camp
(believe it or not!) and,
saturday being parents' visit day,
mum drove over to take me out
(rescue me!)

We went to the nearby village
where the cobblestones on the edge
of the street were plastic -
they were filming Dr Doolittle -
yes, the original!

I think we saw Rex Harrison -
him they called Sexy-Rexy -
talking to the animals and
one or two other actors
dressed to kill

And some of the shops had a TV
lurking in the back room...
A draw! ...Score!... no, wait!
'They think it's all is now!'

100 words

The bluest sea and sky today
first meet my eye
and the joy of the dogs released
to run free
through meadows of green -
fern-scented its childhood memories,
bright yellow Ragwort, covered in the ladybird red-black cinnabar moths,
earliest sharp-sweet blackberries...

Down through the still-wet woodland
paths, sharp left at the small-holding
with its smell of chickens
and its optimistic morning
on to the edge of the holiday village
and the first walkers,
everyone of whom is greeted
as a long-lost friend
by 'Kitty'

And home over the hazy cliff
to coffee...

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Misty wood walk

No sight of my hound
only the scuttling bunnies
tell a tell-tail tale

Saturday, 9 July 2016

'there must be those...' (adrienne rich)

it's the little things -
let's meet at the horizon
where the lines intersect -

greet each other's tears
with a dance of sorrowing
as our smiles reconnect..