Tuesday, 12 February 2013

encounters 8

Already harassed and running late
I stop at the gym
for a quick blast -

Ahead of me in the queue
two young guys who have just parked
in the disabled space.

At my turn I mention this to the freckled receptionist
and ask that management
 deal with it -
(Predictably, behind me,
the disabled minibus
has parked elsewhere)

In the gym
they are disporting themselves
like young cocks
and I return to reception
a red mist before my eyes
 and ask to speak to a manager

Who eventually, grudgingly
sends out a call...

Fearful of reprisals
I hide in the car
to change my shoes and

 drive home carefully
angry with the arrogance of those young men,
with the indifference of the management
and most of all with myself...


Oh yes, for no longer having the courage
 to face them down myself -
for they were each
twice my size
and half my age

When the red mist dissolves
and I am walking the dog
I muse that today I understand
Yesterday's papal decision
'no longer up to the battle'

(Though I admit I am no wiser about his battles...)

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