Tuesday, 19 August 2014

In the corner of my subconscious

hi - the other night when you were talking with Dad, his side of the conversation went along the lines of:  'well you need some sticky paper tape; I don't know if it exists anymore...'

At the time something moved at the edge of my subconscious and has been lapping there until today - brown paper tape with a label with a butterfly; I knew I had seen some somewhere, but without noticing... out of the corner of my eye, if you know what I mean...

Today I delved into my 'stash' of fabrics under the bed for some muslin for 'cheese' (I had given the other piece away) and a reel of 'butterfly'-brand brown gummed tape smiled at me from the side of a clear plastic box of art supplies... shall I put it in the post? And what DID you want it for?


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