Friday, 4 January 2013

4 January 2013

This morning I used your scissors.
 Not long ago you said to me, 'Do you remember these? My father gave them to me when I was a young man. "Look after these" he said "and they'll last you a lifetime" And  they have'
Of course I remember them. When we were kids, even if the kitchen scissors were blunt and Mum's sewing pair had mysteriously disappeared, we weren't allowed to raid your drawer for them.
" Look after these" he said, "and they'll last you a lifetime"And they did.


  1. Lovely Jane - he'd have been very pleased with this. xx

  2. Thank you! I think he would and it is absolutely true, word for word. It's using just the right word and intonation that is the key isn't it - I can hear him now:'Never use ten words when one will do'

  3. Yes! I think because he chose his words very carefully, even when speaking, that they stick.

  4. Yes, that's so true - a lifetime of the discipline of word-count! You ok?