Friday, 18 January 2013

smallstones 18

So this is me..

Today I have:
Not much snow
A warm, dry house
Food in the fridge
Money in the bank

A loving partner
A lovely son
Health... strength
And a dog

Yet I feel AWFUL
A black cloud has sat on my shoulder all day
(Is that ok?)


  1. Winston Churchill called it his Black Dog. I don't know how to lift it, but writing is good! Sorry about lack of engagement over the last week ... I've been all over the place, and not had time to sit down at the computer. Interestingly, I LIKE typing these 'stones' on a proper keyboard. xx

  2. Yes I was going to use 'dog' and then realised I already had! You've written some beautiful prose stones, much appreciated! The twenty or more of us who also post on the 'group' page are really enjoying the support of the 'community' Join us! (I write here, then copy/paste to my fb page and the group page - the limit of my technical skills!)