Friday, 23 May 2014

'..a little space of time..'

In the famous summer of '76 - 'way back when' as they say - I was living in a white L-shaped room at the top of a house on the edge of Cambridge.
I bought a cassette-player - remember them? They were about the size of your copy of Lord of the Rings, weighed more and played 'tapes', of which I had one... I played Art Garfunkel's 'Breakaway' to death all that long, hot, complicated summer. ..
That tape never wore out and was a favourite over many years, through many changes - through children and children growing-up, and quite a few house-moves; it was eventually replaced by the cd..
Now I am lying in a sunny spot in - strangely enough - another white L-shaped room at the top of another house.  'Breakaway' is playing through my mobile phone and a small speaker-system - ''s the same old me.. but I'm alright, yes I'm alright..'

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