Saturday, 24 May 2014

Afternoon stroll

Anxious to avoid the crowds,we strike out
against the flow
of waterproofed children
and umbrellaed parents

up the road
through the dripping trees
and on to the rain-wet
gorse-wet, scented path
around the cliff

into the woods
which are indeed
lovely, dark and deep,
(but I - still -
have promises to keep)

And in the woods I come across
a dozen or so young people,
hemelted, tabarded and weaponed,
playing Lord of the Rings
in the tree-wet green -

Utterly bemused,
the dog reminds them
whose woods these are..
the clash of arms is lost
as we retreat
back around the cliff
with the bird-song sky
to the noise
and bustle of the real world

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