Friday, 5 October 2018



This morning started with the mixed blessing of taking the last three plates out of the hearth ashes - one whole, one with a hairline crack and one like "the mirror cracked from side to side". Big disappointment :-(

Ho hum..onwards! Today is the last day alone and my mind, ever practical, turns to Alistair's homecoming tonight. I open the fridge...whoops, maybe I should shop? Nah, think I'll put everything that's left into the slowcooker, walk the dogs and go to yoga...

Top tip for the day comes from the wonderful Jack Monroe (check it out - Bootstrap Cook) - rinse all the sticky orange sauce from a tin of baked beans and hey presto you have loadsa haricot beans...twice the beans for your bucks!

SO dogs walked, and Kitty's Field is sparkling - it's going to be another beauty...last week's rain and wind is the price we have to pay for weeks like this!

Along the prom to yoga...random choices await a typical Saturday morning in Aberystwyth - yoga, traditional Welsh dancers in the bandstand, foody market in Baker St, demo in the square...all that was missing today were the sea-swimmers... they must be missing Alistair :-)

Yoga was lovely - gonna miss you Liz - then a little trip to the market to chat to friends.
*The Community Fridge* is becoming a reality!

Home along the prom and a disparate sunny afternoon pottering with the dogs, chatting with sundry neighbours  and pulling up the occasional weed...

Two more things!
I never did tell you about the random man on the till in the Oxfam bookshop!
Him: "Oh, you are the lady from the swimming pool!"
Me: "Um, sorry I don't recognise people...(I falter, desperately trying NOT to say "with their clothes on...")
Him (gallantly): "...out of context, you mean..."

And lastly I am looking for a brave soul to help me remove the stud earring from my (six weeks) cartilige piercing and replace with a sleeper, so that I can...
Nerves of steel, good fine motor skills and great eyesight required...apply here, reward will be chocolate :-)

So here we 13, the end of this year's home-alone diaries... thank you, all of you who have read, liked, commented and otherwise kept me company these past two weeks. You have kept me just about attached to the 'minder' returns tonight. Did I remember to tell him about the bathroom wall?!

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